ADM products and services vary by location.
  • Automatic Advantage: Price Daily

The Price Daily Advantage

Grain prices can fluctuate significantly on a day-to-day basis. Our Price Daily grain marketing contract helps you manage volatility by pricing equal amounts of grain over a customized time period. Contract options that allow you to add a floor to protect your downside risk are available.

ADM products and services vary by location.
Contract Options
  • Price an Equal Quantity Each Day
    Build your own customized pricing plan by considering what pieces are right for you. It starts by using the closing futures reference price for an equal number of bushels for each pricing day within a time period selected by you. The sum of those prices is divided by the total number of pricing days to determine the final futures reference price.
  • Add a Floor Price
    You can add a floor price for the contract to protect your downside risk. Any daily settlement futures price below the floor will be priced at the floor level for that day, preventing against price declines while providing you market upside opportunities above the floor level.
  • Have a Floor and Ceiling
    You can also choose to have both a floor and ceiling to help manage costs in a range bound market. This provides downside protection, but limits your upside opportunity at a lower cost than having a floor alone.
    How it Works
    • Here’s how it works.
      1. You choose the number of bushels you want to price, the time period in which pricing for a specific commodity will occur and a delivery period.
      2. You decide if you would like to add a floor or ceiling price component to the daily pricing activity.
      3. When the pricing period concludes, the final futures reference price will be established on your contract.
      4. Prior to grain delivery, you set the basis.
      5. You deliver your contracted grain and receive the final cash price, which is the Final Futures Reference Price +/− Basis − Service Fee.
    The Benefits
    • The benefits of the Price Daily contract.
      • It helps you manage market volatility.
      • It provides discipline to execute a plan.
      • It can be customized based on your risk threshold and price targets.
      • It helps diversify your marketing.
      • It automatically executes for you, minimizing stress and worry.
    • Performance
      Price Daily Contracts perform according to the formula put in place, pricing an equal portion of grain each day during the pricing period while recognizing floor and ceiling restrictions, if any.

      For more detailed historic data contact your local ADM Merchandiser.

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