ADM products and services vary by location.
  • Automatic Advantage: Average Seasonal Price

The Average Seasonal Price (ASPTM) Advantage

As someone who keeps an eye on the market, it’s no secret that prices have been historically better at some times of the year than others. With the ASP™ Contract, you get to take what we’ve learned from the past and put it to work going forward, where seasonal pricing opportunities may exist.

ADM products and services vary by location.
How It Works
  • Here’s how it works.
    Take a look at how the ASP pricing windows have helped capture historic seasonal price premiums of new crop corn and soybean futures prior to harvest.


    Past performance is not indicative of future results. ADM does not warrant this information to be free of omissions and errors.

    1. You enroll a portion of your production before the pricing period begins.
    2. When the pricing period concludes, your ASP Futures Reference Price is established. You decide when to set the basis.
    3. You deliver your grain and receive a final price. The final price is the ASP Futures Reference Price +/– Basis – Service Fee.
      Note: Specific dates fluctuate on an annual basis. For current dates, talk to your local merchandiser.
The Benefits
  • The benefits of the Average Seasonal Price contract.
    • You still get to set the basis.
    • It helps diversify your marketing plan.
    • It provides a challenging benchmark for the rest of your marketing.
    • It automatically executes for you, minimizing stress and worry.
  • Performance

    To learn how the Average Seasonal Price Contract has performed over time, use the performance tool below. For more detailed historic data contact your local ADM Merchandiser, or to sign up for the ASP and Advantage Expert weekly performance update email click here.

    In order to see maximum results from the Average Seasonal Price Contract, we encourage you to participate on an annual basis, enrolling the same percentage of production from year to year.


Grain contract performance

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All prices are futures price references (not cash equivalents). Past performance is not indicative of future results. ADM does not warrant this information to be free of omissions and errors.

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