ADM products and services vary by location.
  • The ADM Advantage Portfolio puts you in control.

A wide range of contracts designed to give you a grain marketing advantage.

ADM products and services vary by location.

Partner Advantage

Partner Advantage contracts offer choices that use marketing specialist insights to provide you with an advantage you can only get by working with ADM.

Expert Advantage

Marketing experts will establish your futures reference price on your behalf so you can focus on running your farm. Our ADM Advantage Expert Contract is the premier offering in this category.

Automatic Advantage

Contracts in our Automatic Advantage category automatically execute on your behalf to establish your futures reference price and eliminate worry and hassle.

Active Advantage

If you prefer to take a more active role in in your grain marketing, Active Advantage offerings allow you to establish your final price, giving you more control.

Traditional Advantage

These grain contracts put you in full control of when and where you want to sell your grain based on prices at the time of sale.

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